Lean Office

Key to Lean in service processes is recognizing the difficulty in seeing waste and in applying appropriate steps to reduce it. This 6 hour session focuses on introducing Lean Thinking as a methodology for identifying and eliminating non-value-added or wasteful elements in office and service operations. It will help participants define and understand the different types of waste that exist in a service-oriented environment as viewed by customers.


The training is designed to:

Give the participants opportunity to apply various lean tools and methods in a simulated environment. This train-do technique illustrates cause and effect relationships for each of the lean tools presented. The participants will be able to measure the impact of their improvement efforts.


Upon completion, participants will be able to:

To understand Lean Principles and how they are applied to a service/office environment
What value means in a Lean Office
To identify non-valued and waste activities that exist in a service/office environment
To apply Lean tools and method to effectively reduce cost and improve productivity
To organize work areas to reduce lost time and errors


Course Outline/Components

A. Lean Principles
B. The 9 Types of Waste (Muda)
C. The 4 Areas of Office Waste (Muda)
D. Lean Tools and Methods
E. Simulation and Wrap up