Who can join?
Organizations that are committed to implementing Continuous Improvement (CI) methods and tools, and are willing to share employees' expertise, may join CIN. Organizations designate leaders to participate in CIN. Click here to apply for a CIN membership

How can I join?
If your organization is currently implementing process improvement methods and using continuous improvement tools, your organization can join by completing an application and paying dues.

Who runs the CIN?
The CIN is overseen by steering team selected from the membership.

How much does it cost?
Member companies pay annual membership dues of $250.

Can non-members come to events and tours?
CIN members have priority in attending events, tours and training. Visitors pay non-member rates if there is room to accommodate them. Non-members may attend twice before we ask you to decide to join CIN.

How do I submit white papers or other resources to the online library?
As a benefit of membership, representatives of members will be able to access and contribute to a password protected library in the members only section of continuous improvement resources, tools and white papers.


Continuous Improvement Network (CIN)2 Day 7S Workshop

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