Organizations committed to continuous improvement formed the not-for-profit Continuous Improvement Network (CIN). Join today and begin benefiting from sharing your experiences with other organizations on the continuous improvement path. The association is run by a steering team of members.


Bring together people of like minds with a focus on improving their organizations through continuous improvement (CI) efforts.These efforts include the use of Lean, Six Sigma, TQM, Business Process Improvement and other standard methodologies, tools, practices, systems and procedures that support continuous improvement.


Membership will consist of practitioners who are committed to the continuous improvement philosophy and efforts, and who demonstrate this commitment by using CI tools, methods and best practices to improve their organizations.

The Leadership Structure will consist of a steering team, chosen from the membership. The primary responsibility of the steering team will be to plan and coordinate the activities of the group based on the member needs.


Sharing best practices at group meetings
Facility tours and demonstrations
Sharing and discussing successes and challenges
Arranging training opportunities in continuous improvement philosophy, methods and tools
Establishing an online Library of Knowledge to aid members' CI endeavors


Continuous Improvement Network (CIN)2 Day 7S Workshop

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